"I have learnt so much from Sarah whose knowledge and patience has helped me progress over the last three and a half years. It has been nearly 40 years since I have had to write an assignment but Sarah has been there to support me and guide me in the right direction over the telephone and by email too. She has a gentleness about her that rubs off on others, making allowances when things happen in our lives that may affect our yoga practice or teaching.


I knew that she would be the person that I wanted to train with after meeting her on a local Ayurveda workshop and I feel privileged to have been allowed to train with her. Always encouraging and giving of constructive criticism she is THE BEST and I would recommend her to anyone thinking of investing time to train with her. She is always focused yet able to allow discussions that are of interest to us on the day. The hand- outs she provides are clear and concise and always helpful.


The best tip I can give is to ask if unsure as you can bet someone else is wondering the same as you, and be organised and keep on top of the assignments. This means things are a lot easier in the long run.


A big thank- you from me Sarah. I am forever in your debt"

Julie H.



“Sarah is a fantastic role model for any trainee yoga teacher! She is clear, totally structured and organised in her approach and is always positive and encouraging towards all members of the class.  She is able to provide detailed and incisive feedback and even subjects that at first seem confusing and slightly ‘out of reach’ are broken down and clarified; just what you need and always presented in such a calm and inspiring way. I feel very privileged to have had Sarah as my tutor. Enjoy the journey!  Alison W.”


“I enjoyed my teacher training with Sarah, I found her to be a caring and compassionate tutor.  Her authenticity and integrity set a wonderful example to her students, I cannot recommend her highly enough”.    Jenny S


"Sarah, your organization of the course is clear and very helpful in understanding all the work that seems such a mystery in the beginning and which becomes very clear through your teaching, which is motivating, captivating and leads the student to want to understand and study further for themselves. Sarah is exceptional at helping students to find their strong points and build on them and helping students to understand who they are as a result! It has always amazed me what Sarah can see about us that we do not see about ourselves - enlightening! And when you teach yourself you will hopefully have developed the same empathy with your students to help guide them." Sue W


"My experience of the three year teacher training diploma was overwhelmingly positive. I found the course content interesting, relevant and extremely helpful on a practical level as I began my journey into yoga teaching. It was fascinating to delve deeper into the history and philosophy surrounding the origins of Yoga and amazing to see how the ancient text and scriptures were applicable to me in the here and now. I felt my own personal practice deepen and expand as I studied and attempted to apply what I had learnt. The teaching and guidance provided was fantastic and helped me greatly as I worked to meet the demands and challenges of the course.  The group provided a safe and supportive environment in which to learn and I made some good friends. It was wonderful to learn from each other and to witness each individual grow and develop over the three year period." Alice R 


"The diploma was so well delivered and thought out. I loved going every month to develop my personal understanding of yoga and to teach me how to be a strong and safe yoga teacher. The course was hard work but made me confident and proud of what I had achieved by the end. I knew I had received the tools to make me a good yoga teacher. It is one of the best courses I have ever been on." Grainne M


"The three year British Wheel Diploma changed my life in many ways. I learnt so much about the wonderful practice of Yoga but also about myself and was able to grow and become happier in my own skin. When asked to give a presentation to the group I was extremely nervous but I overcame those nerves and was able to become more confident which has definitely helped in my teaching. When asked to practice pranayama daily I wondered at first how I would find the time to fit it in but I set my alarm a bit earlier and got into the routine and this is something I have carried on with since leaving the course. After the first year on the course I was given the chance to take over two existing Yoga classes which I did and that was 4 years ago and I have never looked back. Yoga has now become not only a job I love but also a complete way of life. I am now equipped with the tools to cope with the daily ups and downs and challenges of life in a positive and balanced way.  Sarah is an amazing teacher who was able to guide me in the right direction throughout the course enabling me to discover things for myself. This course was one of the best experiences of my life and I would highly recommend it to anyone."  Katie W


"I found the whole course transformative, both physically and emotionally.  It helped me to clear away a lot of muddied thinking and gave me the courage to follow my heart and achieve the career position I have always dreamed of.  This was due to Sarah's inspirational teaching and guidance, the power of yoga and the support of the rest of the group when the going got tough!  The preparation to teach was excellent and in terms of the postures, meditation and pranayama I felt fully ready to take on my own class." Jan C


"The BWY teaching diploma was the best and scariest thing I have undertaken, and I would highly recommend it if you are looking to teach yoga.  It was very in depth, and gave an excellent coverage of what is a very intense and sometimes complicated subject matter! The support and help from both Sarah and my fellow students was invaluable. It really gave me confidence in myself, and my ability as a yoga teacher, as I learned so much throughout the course." Jackie Q



"I thoroughly recommend anyone interested in deepening your understanding of yoga to embark on the amazing journey of discovery that unfolds on the teacher training course. I enjoyed every part of the training and wish I'd done it sooner." Diane C



"You really do get from the course what you put in to it.  For me, the three years of study was a wonderful journey through which I experienced yoga from a philosophical, and more subtle viewpoint, and grew significantly on a personal level.


The course opens up doors for you, you have the choice to go in take a brief peak, and if you decide whats in that door really isn't for you, you can close it and choose to go back there another time - when you're ready.  Alternatively, you can open the door and immerse yourself in what is on offer, thus growing and developing both on a personal level, and in your experience on your path of yoga.


The course is just the beginning on your amazing journey in to yoga.  The hard work is worth it, and gives you valuable tools to be a confident, knowledgeable and passionate yoga teacher and on-going yoga student. 


Sarah is a wonderful teacher, who has a true gift in being able to draw from each person  their own individual potential, with great sensitivity and respect." Angela M


"On my first day of the diploma course I was terrified.  I imagined a room full of yoga experts who knew everything there was to know about yoga and had the yoga prowess of Shiva Rea.  What I found was an amazing group of people who loved yoga and wanted to learn more.  Whilst many of us had been going to yoga classes for years, we still had much to learn.  And we also struggled, like the next person, to do those arm balances - but we also found that it didn't matter if we couldn't do those poses either!  Teaching yoga was our goal, but what we discovered was that the path to that goal was self development and ultimately, as a bonus, I feel this led to self improvement.


The course was hard work.  There was a lot of reading - although the subject matter was fascinating - and we plenty of essays to keep us busy.  But, as a group, we supported each other.  And Sarah was there whenever we needed her.  Her knowledge and understanding of the yoga concepts blew me away.  She was extremely patient and compassionate, and ensured we understand the main issues that we studied.  Sarah provided constructive criticism and was so positive and warm in giving this feedback.


We met once a month in a lovely room that served the seasons well.  The room was cosy in winter, and in summer the sunlight came in, brightening the room, and we sometimes did sessions outside if the weather permitted!!


I started the course being someone who had little experience of public speaking and being scared of the limelight, now I have so much more confidence, not just in teaching yoga to students, but also speaking to a group of people - its difficult to shut me up!!! I've also found that I am more compassionate and enjoy spending time with people more.  And when a yoga student approaches you at the end of a session to say how much you have helped them with back pain, sleep, or whatever - well its a great feeling.


The diploma course for me was an amazing experience.  I learned so much, but really it was just the start for me.   I'm intent on developing my skills and knowledge of the yoga concepts by continued reading and doing further courses.


I know its a cliche, but the teaching diploma really is a life changing experience and as a graduate I feel so much happier in my skin."  Jemma K