“I consulted Sarah after being diagnosed with high blood pressure wanting an alternative to ‘conventional’ treatments and life-long medication. A combination of diet changes, supplements and three wonderfully relaxing shirodhara treatments restored my blood pressure to “normal” levels within 6 months, where it has remained ever since. I would and have recommend these treatments to anyone who needs a body and mind re-boot.” J.N. Wallasey, Wirral



“Ayurveda has been an interesting and wonderful experience! My treatment for osteoporosis was a combination of food - including herbs, a variety of organic natural oils, and massage. With the food there weren’t many changes I had to make and I was introduced to some new ones; as well as improved nutrition and digestion the foods also had a cleansing effect. The oils are lovely and I use them on a regular basis (I’ve found I no longer need to use body lotions.) Massage played an important part in my treatment and Sarah’s expertise in this area is best experienced, it is truly wonderful, totally relaxing, helps enormously and left me with a feeling of well-being. After a couple of years or so I was thrilled to find my bone density had increased dramatically and my GP tells me I am no longer osteoporotic, there have also been other beneficial side effects, such as stronger nails and hair, a stronger bladder and a profound alleviation of anxiety and worry!! Sarah knows her stuff extremely well and Ayurveda has made a big difference to my life.” M.H. Oxton, Wirral


"I couldn't imagine escaping the cycle of PMT and pain of my periods that i had experienced since the start of them in my teenage years (around 20 years) but after visiting Sarah for a consultation and starting what seemed very small changes in lifestyle and diet I enjoyed freedom from the intense build up of anger and pain that I had come to accept as part of my life. Following the initial consultation Sarah recommended a mixture of massage, tea and small lifestyle changes that after years of medicines I couldn't see would help but I had nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain so I started with my new rituals. The tea and pre-digestive became a familiar routine and source of amusement for my friends but even they had to acknowledge it was working as I became noticeably calmer and missed less work every month with painful periods!  The massages from Sarah were the most relaxing and powerful I have ever experienced and the self massage is one of the routines I still practise today. My long suffering partner noticed the most change after years of increased PMT every month. It was amazing 100% natural and effective. A few years on and I had a small operation that showed that I had endometriosis but it had gone! Not long after that and with a few more treatments I became pregnant and now am a very happy(and a but tired) mum of a 6 week old baby. A thing that may not have been possible without this treatment.  I can not recommend a consultation and practice enough, amazing! Thank you Sarah. C H Oxton, Wirral




"I have found Ayurveda has changed my whole way of being having created a deeper understanding of how the body works, and in particular how my digestion, metabolisation and absorption relate to my general health.


Understanding the elements in the body has taught me to understand what the food I eat does in terms of nourishing the body or moving through the body without the correct absorption and metabolisation. Seeing Sarah for Ayurveda consultations, as I have done over the past four years, has resulted in the following:

  • I no longer have cravings for food
  • I eat food appropriate to my constitution and understand why I need to avoid certain foods which are energetically too cold for my digestion
  • My energy levels have increased and my body is more balanced in weight
  • I experience FAR less stomach upset and my stomach no longer bloats through eating the correct foods for me

Sarah has helped me to understand the whole of my body in an holistic way rather than trying to sort out only one part of a problem such as stomach bloating - which isn't just things like IBS or other labels people give to stomach irritations it is the type of food we take in which should match our constitution - I thought I ate a healthy diet and I did - just not healthy for my constitution.


Ayurveda and Sarah have sorted that out for me and I continue  to eat ayurvedically as this aids my health and wellbeing immensely in addition to keeping my weight stable!


I recommend Ayurveda and a visit to Sarah to all my yoga students who are stuggling with weight, stomach or health problems!" Sue W, Hoylake, Wirral