Welcome to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy



You are very welcome to book a session with Sarah, meanwhile here is some initial information for you:


What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (CST)?

This is a gentle, yet potent therapy where the practitioner will use a light touch to enable

the natural healing forces to find coherence. Usually there is sense of deep relaxation and clients often experience a gentle natural release of stress and trauma held in their systems, promoting the resolution and the integration of physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual aspects of any disease. In essence we are supporting the systems’ innate capacity to heal where, as the session unfolds we adjust the direction and pacing to follow the inherent healing forces arising.


There can be resolution of chronic issues; more rapid injury recovery and restoration of resiliency; deep relaxation during sessions and improved quality of sleep afterward; and a greater sense of coherence, emotional stability, and overall well-being, all of which add up to profound transformation across all areas of our lives.


We are deeply listening to the body, and we find the body responds by beginning to listen to itself so that a common experience is that for the first time you feel you have been truly heard.


What is CST particularly good for?

CST is excellent for when you want change in your life and if regularly used bring forth a newfound sense of vitality and enthusiasm for life. CST can soothe pain and release both emotional and physical stress and tension. More specifically it can be a very effective part of your treatment for conditions such as:


  • Mood disorders like anxiety or depression
  • Migraines, headaches, and sinus infections
  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ)
  • Digestive disorders including irritable bowel syndrome  (IBS)
  • Insomnia and disturbed sleep cycles
  • Fibromyalgia and M.E.
  • Trauma recovery, including trauma from whiplash
  • Severe illness recovery
  • And many other common problems…..

Due to its gentle nature CST can be used for people of all ages.


What happens during a session?

For the session you simply need to wear your regular clothing and the session takes place on a massage couch, with cushions, blankets etc. used to make you as comfortable as possible. You can lie on your back or side, or even be seated if needed. There will be gentle holds led by your body’s response and usually we find that the therapeutic changes will continue on in the days following the session.


Where do the sessions take place?

CST sessions are available at LLangefni Chiropractic Clinic, 6 Glanhwfa Rd, Llangefni, Anglesey

LL77 7EN on Fridays. 


How much does a session cost?

The cost for each one hour session is currently £42.


How to book a session?

For more information or to book a session please call or text Sarah on 07757 914089 or email to sarahbeck042@gmail.com. You can also use the contacts page here on the website.


Please note that remote healing is also possible by request.



Some recommendations from previous clients:


"After a recent BCST session I was astounded to discover that I had become much more aware of my posture which had changed to a more natural relaxed state. My body now indicates when I need to relax my shoulders and I am walking in a much more upright way. My shoulders are not held high under my ears and my back is straighter all without effort on my part. I feel as I have gone back in time, I feel younger." GW


“Over 10 years ago I had a radical hysterectomy where inadvertently the nerve controlling the flow from my bladder was severed. Since then, I have leaked endlessly. I was told by the very experienced medical team but nothing could be done to enable me to gain control of this constant leakage. Recently after having several CST treatments I began to notice I was and I was no longer wet all of the time. At first, I thought that it must be my imagination but to my delight I can now trust myself to be dry all day and during the night. I am so pleased. “ MW


“Having had a few CST sessions in a recent CST session I became very agitated, shaking and kicking and as my body was reacting in this way I was thinking about being a young child when I had been so badly burned that the hospital feared I would not survive. I was not experiencing pain as my brain had blocked out the experience but my family had told me about it. I have no recollection of the event but have come to the conclusion that this experience was stored somewhere in my body and that this was the painless way my body had at last been able to deal with the memory. I felt very different afterwards and feel as though I have more energy available to me.” MJ


"Sarah is gifted and has a natural talent in detecting and witnessing nuances in the body as well as gently working along with the body’s in built higher intelligence where needed. This therapeutic process works holistically within the entire body system in an “energetic” way via a very slight, subtle touch and a series of “holds”. CST is quite an extraordinary therapy that works with the natural rhythms, waves and “tides” within… proof that there is so much power in the gentle." RB


"Dedicated to her practice, Sarah will always work with you from a place of profound trust, authenticity and security.  This might be the perfect complimentary treatment for anyone who is in need of a sacred space of deep relaxation where natural in built restorative, revitalizing healing mechanisms can happen…this a state where the body knows just what it needs whilst being carefully supported in a place of divine love and non judgement. Sarah’s approach is both intuitive and precise… she is passionate about the healing arts as well as having extensive ever expanding knowledge and practical technical experience. She offers spaciousness and support always practicing with care and consideration for the person. Sarah will help you to feel safe and treat you as an individual with her warmth, authenticity and rapport."  BB