An Introduction to Ayurveda


20th March

& 1st May 2022


10am to 5pm


at Willaston Memorial Hall, 

The Green, Hadlow Road, Willaston, Neston,

CH64 2UG


I am happy to to say that this two day intro to Ayurveda will be running again in 2022.


This will be a two day workshop where we shall cover the essentials of  Ayurvedic theory and see how this can be applied in our lives on a very practical basis. In particular we shall focus on how we can alter key aspects of our diets and lifestyle to maintain balance & facilitate healing. And we shall also look at ways in which we can use some simple treatments, therapies and herbal preparations to good effect for ourselves and our families.

The cost for both days is £125 which will include a file of information that you can easily refer to in the future. You would need to attend both days as the second day builds upon the first day - there is quite a bit to know!
If you wish to attend then please let me know, and if there is a space available I will send you the details to pay a deposit of £25. The remaining amount will then be due by the 31st January 2022.
Finally,  if you have a particular health concern at the moment or something you want to work with, you can let me have a little bit of information on this so I can bear this in mind.

Om Shri Dhantvantre Namaha


Some feedback from previous courses:


"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and was so glad I was able to take part, it was very interesting.  I found it relaxed, there was no pressure. We covered a lot of ground and the pace and structure of the days were just right, so I found that two days perfect for me.  Also the booklet was an excellent accompaniment, well laid out helped things sink in and is now a very useful reference to have, packed with so much information.  It was also lovely meeting so many really nice people!" M.K.


"The booklet is concise, coherent and is pitched at the right level for the course. I feel we have the perfect reference for the foundations of Ayurveda and it’s fundamental practices. I shall continue to reference back to this time and time again."  P.F.


"t was good to have a break of a month between the two days. This gave me an opportunity to explore the information in my own time and to experience some of the teachings for myself." A.D.


"Thank you Sarah, for sharing your knowledge and delivering the workshop in such an engaging and interesting way. I feel I have been given a precious gift of knowledge to help manage my life and health better." G.L.