"I know it sounds patronising but try not to leave everything until the last minute.  Sometimes life really gets in the way, and the coursework takes a back step, but if you look at the reading and research as a treat and time for you that way you will enjoy the course rather than see the essays as a chore - ok I have the benefit of hindsight to give this advice!


The course is structured in such a way that there isn't an emphasis on your own personal physical yoga practice.  Although Sarah did recommend that we 'take it to the mat'  I found that doing a little bit of yoga everyday was so useful in helping to develop my postures, increasing body awareness, and practising what I was going to be teaching.  But also it meant that I didn't lose sight of the fact that I initially embarked on the course because I loved doing asana.


I tried to go to as many workshops and classes as I could for several reasons.  Firstly, by learning how to teach yoga it gave a whole new appreciation of being a student.  Even as a teacher, it is so good to go to a yoga class given by a teacher whose style of teaching you enjoy.  Secondly, you are able to get tips for teaching - looking at different ways of doing a posture, doing different postures, and also ideas regarding breathing techniques and relaxation.


At first there's a temptation to try and remember everything in the classes/ workshops you may attend in addition to the diploma course, but then you do not experience the benefit of being a student.  I felt that I remembered the main points I wanted to remember, and I jotted these in a notebook after the class.  I have a terrible memory but for me I remembered without forcing myself - probably another benefit of being a yogini!" Jemma K


"If I could pass on any advice to other students beginning the training I would say don't worry about how little you know at the start just deal with each section as its delivered to you (bite size chunks). Before you know it you'll be at the end of the course. Be sure keep up to date with the work by setting aside some time each week so that you won't fall behind and feel overwhelmed." Angela M




"My advice is to allow yourself to go with the flow as yoga can take you to places you never imagined! I never imagined that I would become a teacher of yoga and take classes and now after a full time job in mainstream education being a yoga teacher IS my job! Which I love and I still endeavour to develop my skills and knowledge constantly - it is is journey that is exciting and filled with learning as much about the Self as much as others.


Always keep up with the work - it can be soul destroying to get behind in work and most stressful so always let Sarah know if things are difficult as she will always do her utmost to support and guide through difficult times.


Talk to other students - you will find out you are not alone in a lack of understanding of something or unsure that you can do what is being asked of you...we all feel like that at different times in the course!


Go to as many yoga classes as you can to see how others teach and take what you can that will help and support your journey, leaving that which does not suit your needs or personality.


Never worry about where anyone else is in their practice or teaching - we are all on a journey. Do not try to find yourself by comparing yourself to others but by being who you are and being content with that, understanding where you are is different from day to day and that that's okay." Sue W. 



"I would say to new students really give your all during the course, use the time you have to read, practice, ask questions and learn as much as you can. This will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your life and allow you to become a knowledgable teacher of Yoga. Make sure you have the time in your life to dedicate to the study which isn't easy but is so rewarding. Dont leave assignments until the last minute. Always aim to be up-to-date and each month when given your list of work to do make a start on it straight away and you'll find that you enjoy the study and the learning. Finally dont be afraid to ask questions or let Sarah know if you are struggling with something, she really wants to help and enable you to do your best." Katie W




"Stay on top of the work, be organised and you won't be overwhelmed! Start teaching as soon as you can, even if it is to just a couple of close friends or family, as it is much easier to put into practice what you are learning on the course, and gives you confidence.


Go to other classes, workshops or retreats, learning from other teachers is a MUST, and it keeps you inspired!"     Jackie Q



"Embark on the course with an open and inquisitive mind. Be ready to have a go, try out new ideas and expect to be supported in your learning as well as willing to support others. The course can be fairly demanding on your time but don't let this put you off.  I found that the more I was able to put in the greater the benefits in terms of developing my understanding, skills and enjoyment. I would recommend this course to anyone with a genuine desire to teach and move on with their own journey into yoga. Alice R



"Read all the texts regularly and keep on top of the assignments... Set aside an hour or two a week at a regular time to do your yoga work and buy a special box to put all your notes and research into..." Jan C