I am very pleased to announce that I shall be starting a new BWYQ Level 4 Certificate in Teaching Yoga in January 2021. The starting time was to have been October 2020 but due to the Covid-19 situation I have decided to start the course a little later than was originally planned.  


This is a 300 hour course which will qualify you to teach yoga but here will also be an option to continue on to the 500 hour Diploma course if you wish to do so. 


To help you find out more about the course you will find several pages listed below. These address various aspects of the course and I hope will answer all of your initial questions.



If, having examined these pages you wish to apply to join the course then there are two stages.


The first stage is that you need to download an application form, and once completed, please email it to me at sarah.deva@yahoo.co.uk.


If everything is in order then the second stage is that you will receive an invitation to attend  two introductory/induction days on Sunday 4th October and Sunday 8th November 2020.  This will cost £50 as these days start the process of the course.


Your invitation will give you more detailed information on these days but in essence they are designed to give you a much more thorough understanding of what the Certificate Course entails and give us the opportunity to meet so we can decide if the teacher training course is the right next step for you. Each of these days will hopefully be enjoyable and instructive in its own right and start the learning process for the course.


Hopefully you will now have everything you need to make an informed decision but please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns at sarah.deva@yahoo.co.uk We can also arrange a time for an informal chat if that would be helpful.


Yours in Yoga